Liftking Forklift Picture and GSA Logo

Liftking GSA Forklift Sales

Liftking Manufacturing Corp. has partnered with GSA Contract Schedule to be a provider of rough terrain and ship-board approved forklifts and container handlers, in both commercial and military build specs.

  • Pre-qualification of pricing and quality has already been done by GSA for all government purchasers
  • Through Liftking’s GSA schedule, customers benefit from a direct relationship with preferred pricing, 100% OEM approved products, with OEM backed warranty and support.
  • Orders placed against Liftking’s GSA schedule meet FAR regulations and are considered to be issued using full and open competition.

Liftking GSA Info

Contract: 47QSWA19D008Z
Phone: 905-265-3965
Contract end date: Jul 31, 2024
DUNS: 203460670
NAICS / SIN: 3332924